Curl Up And Dye Your Hair Rich Chestnut

Curl Up And Dye Your Hair Rich Chestnut


Show off your natural curls with the right cut and products

When cutting naturally curly hair there is a lot of factors to take in.   A lot curly hair lower at the nape/ or neck can be tighter compared to the top or crown where is is less curly but bounces up.  When layering curly hair the top does not have to be much shorter to create a layered curly visually to the eye.

Its also not necessary or desirable to worry about a guide line since visual weight and length is visual and not actual.

The Holidays are here it time to dye your hair a refreshing young chestnut brown.  Give it shine and ad a clear gloss to reflect all the lights.

A great product I use to help minimize free and create great texture at my hair salon is Kenra Curl Crème.

I am a Hairdresser for curly hair in Los Angeles area


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