Best hair stylists in Los Angeles | Lance Lanza Beverly Hills Hair Stylist

Cutting Edge Los Angeles Hairstylist

Lance Lets His Clients In
on the Beauty Secrets

Lance’s chair is the hub of activity in Los Angeles & Beverly Hills Ca.  No flurry of snipping, beauty salon gossiping here at his hair salon in Los Angeles at Beverly Hills.   Clients feel relaxed while being snipped by his master scissors with years of experience in the business.  

“I like to take a moment to talk about the client’s best features and how to accent each one, down to the color and texture of the hair and what best compliments the skin tone. Every person is unique, and it’s important to bring out their best, and to show the client exactly what I’m doing and why during their cut,” says Lance.  “When it’s finished, I walk them through the styling step by step, giving specific tips so they feel comfortable with their hair when they go to style it themselves. People love to learn the little secrets that will make them look and feel great.” 

Lance knew from his early days while helping his mother, a hair stylist at one of the premier Los Angeles and Beverly Hills beauty salons,   that he wanted to be a great stylist in his own right. He began a two-year internship at a top Beverly Hills salons on the pulse of California style, handling Hollywood beauties like Minnie Driver, Tori Spelling, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Mary Steenburgen, to European royalty like the Princess of Belgium and US politicians such as Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Currently, Lance gives his one-on-one attention at this salon, using his skills to create haircuts that are at the height of style and at the same time easily manageable. “I do a lot of styles that have long layers and are relatively low-maintenance,” says Lance. “How it’s going to look as it grows out is an important concern for any client, and I style hair with that in mind.”


The interest Lance takes in what happens after a client leaves the salon is all part of his special “chair-side manner” that goes beyond the normal cut and color. He likes to take it a step further to help improve their overall look and attitude.

“When people like the way they look, they feel good about themselves. When they feel good about themselves, they can make things happen.” He also uses this philosophy when wearing his image consultant hat for corporate clients. Is the secret to success, then, good hair? Lance’s clients will swear to it! Go no further if looking for editorials on the best hairdressers in LA .  Lance Lanza has been featured in Globe, EXTRA on Channel 4, and E! Style, Allure and InStyle Magazine. Local papers Beverly Hills Weekly as well as the Beverly Hills Courier and Los Angeles Weekly, have recommended Lance for his hair makeover talents. Additional papers that have mentioned Lance include the Los Angeles Daily News and LA Weekly.

For more information about Lance or to book an appointment with him, call the salon at (310) 855-2674.