Bleach Bouncy Blond Beach Bouffant.

Bleach Bouncy Blond Beach Bouffant.

Great snow blond hair deeply highlighted and close to the roots. This still has the beach sun feeling too.

The fun bleach blond hair is so welcomed and sexy as well as beautiful.   Folks I still prefer and like highlights  light or deep to be close to the scalp roots.   It looks great walking out of the salon and you look put together.  Out with the dark overgrow Ombre’ roots here!

If you want to be all blond.  this is the way to go by painting a high-lift tint with booster around the foils.   And do this on your scalp this way on blonding will ultimately  minimize the contrast rather then a straight full bleach.  as your dish water blond natural color grows out to the weeks to come.   A bit of the natural dishwater pokes out and give a contrast , light and shadows.  Looks shiny.

I am a hairstylist in Los Angeles that is great with blond-ing your hair.


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