Hair Cuts and styles

Whether you want a short blunt cut or Long layers on  long hair, for every cut and every style Lance Lanza is your go to person.

Lance maintains the idea of a thorough consultation, whilst going over all points of a new style and how it works with his clients time and lifestyle.

The recommended haircut upkeep is  6 week to 8 weeks before a haircut is needed again. But Lance does have followers who claim his cuts last way over 4 months!

From haircuts to blow-dries, small changes to reinventions– Lance is a  hairstylist that is trained as a specialist in that field.

To keep up his craft and be a master with his shears Lance on a yearly basis attends  advanced cutting education at Vidal Sassoon as well as other sources like industry trade shows too and seminars.

Hair Cut prices can be found on our Services page.